Can you upgrade your old extending device to a vacuum one?

extending device

The old mechanical extending device is a relic of the past and its efficiency remains questionable. If you happen to have such a device, then maybe you would be interested in upgrading it. If you have been asking yourself how to increase penis size quickly, then you may be surprised to find out that there are no quick solutions. Everything the producers of creams and pills for penile enhancement are telling you has to be taken with a grain of salt. If those pills would really work so well and were capable of cell division, then this solution would probably cost millions. This is not something that can be done overnight and we recommend you to not wastes your precious time and money on such unverified solutions. 

extending device The vacuum technology represents a much more effective solution for penile enhancement and can serve you for a long time, although only six or 7 months are needed to achieve the maximal results. While the mechanical extenders paved the way for future inventions, they had a number of unpleasant downsides, which were corrected in future generations of extending devices. Now you can get ever more efficiency without any unnecessary flaws. There is no point in engaging into any kind of penis enlargement exercise, because these are quite inefficient. If you have heard of such techniques like jelqing, then you probably have tried it before and didn’t achieve any results. Now you don’t have to search the internet for a big number of solutions that will not work. The newest technological achievements are going to provide you with the best results and a penis length of +5.5 cm in 6 months.

extending deviceDo you need to throw away your old mechanical extender?

In case you have found or were gifted an old mechanical extender, don’t be in a hurry to throw it away. It may still be useful and you can’t even imagine what kind of results you can achieve with it. Thanks to the Uvipe Gibrid kit you have the possibility to enhance the size of your penis through updating your old extender. Even though this may sound a bit fantastic, you can adapt the old device to your needs. It may still do the trick and if it previously didn’t fit to your penis size, after the necessary modifications it will. Remember that now you don’t have to throw away your old mechanical extender, you don’t even have to replace it, you can simply modify it. Getting a bigger penis is not as difficult as it may sound like and there is always space for improvement.

extending deviceWhy the modern vacuum technology is better?

Vacuum technology is doing very well now compared to the old mechanical extenders. The modern stretchers and hangers can be easily adjusted and, most importantly, they are really safe. If you choose the right Company to become your provider of extending vacuum technology, then you will get pretty good result in a matter of few months. In case of Uvipe extending devices, you will be offered high-quality products with durable components that are designed to function for more than a thousand hours. So, how to get a bigger penis without any risks? The Uvipe devices are giving you what other Companies can’t and this is absolute safety in the use of their products. You can be absolutely confident that nothing will go out of control.

Uvipe hangers and stretchers can be used even during the night time. However, you need to be careful while installing it before bed time. You can wear the Uvipe production at home, at work and at the gym. Not only vacuum technology has evolved, but also the quality of materials as well. The soft yet sturdy silicone components won’t cause any irritation and will minimize the chances of getting any kind of injuries, while the old mechanical devices could cause pain and injuries. Among the most important penis enlargement tips for a safe use of devices is the recommendation to watch the DVD with instructions very carefully and follow every step as close as possible. Wearing the device according to the rules described in the manual or the DVD disc is the most important part of the process. Make sure to carefully attach the silicone cap to your penis head, but before that apply the protective patch that is included in the kit.

extending deviceWhat is the best solution?

The Uvipe Gibrid vacuum kit for enhancing the penis is designed to increase the size parameters of the penis. Uvipe Gibrid is a complement to any mechanical extender that you have. By using the Uvipe Gibrid system, you can increase the length of your penis by 5.5 cm in just 6 months! Uvipe Gibrid is a vacuum system for any mechanical extender with which you can enlarge your penis at home in just a few months. The result of wearing an extender Uvipe Gibrid will be up to 5.5 centimeters in length. Uvipe vacuum systems are the most advanced means to date for enhancing the penis at home without surgery. So, what is the Uvipe Gibrid Vacuum System? Traditional mechanical extenders (penimaster, pro extender and others) fix the glans penis with a silicone harness. This method has a number of drawbacks, above all – a high probability of sliding the silicone cap from the head of the penis. By using these outdated extenders, you will be forced to constantly monitor the fixation of the head and correct the silicone attachment in case it slips. It is not only about “how can I make my penis bigger”, but also about the safety of the process.

extending deviceThe application of the Uvipe Gibrid vacuum kit solves this problem! Now the mechanical extender that you already have will turn into a vacuum one! The attachment system to the penis head for Uvipe Gibrid consists of a silicone cap, which when attached to the extender is fixed with the help of a special adhesive included in the kit.

Inside this cap, the vacuum effect is created, and due to this, the cap securely holds the head of the penis and extends the wear time of the man using the device. An extremely important advantage of the Uvipe Gibrid vacuum kit is that, with its use, the sensitivity of the penis head will not lost (in contrast to mechanical extenders). Uvipe Gibrid system may really become the right choice for you. The kit includes 3 caps made of high-quality silicone, sizes S (small), M (medium) and L (large). You can use the size that fits the anatomical shape of the head of your penis. Thus, making the Uvipe Gibrid an universal extender! A big number of men are still asking themselves “does penis enlargement work?” and “how much time will the process take?” All these questions will be answered after you try the Uvipe system that will adapt your old extender to the modern requirements of safety and efficiency. You can apply the Uvipe Gibrid vacuum kit for a very long period of time. All components are made of high-quality materials with increased deterioration resistance. Silicone components are not deformed when worn and have a resource of durability of at least a thousand hours of use! The set includes 50 meters of plaster for wrapping the head of the penis; this is enough for the entire period of wearing, necessary for a comfortable penis enlargement of up to 5.5 cm. The head fixing area in Uvipe Gibrid is more than 10 square centimeters; this is an advantage over traditional mechanical extenders and helps to distribute the load more evenly when using the extender. Treatment of the curvature of the penis with Uvipe Gibrid is also a possibility if you choose to use this device. extending deviceApplying the Uvipe Gibrid vacuum system, you can not only increase the penis at home, but also achieve its straightening through the treatment of anatomical deformities (Peyronie's disease). How long does it take to use an enhancing device with the Uvipe Gibrid mechanism? Uvipe Gibrid can be worn only from 5 to 6 hours per day, as a result of the vacuum technology. This is a reduced period in comparison with traditional mechanical extenders. If you keep close to the instructions and wear the device accordingly, then you will achieve the maximum result. You can use Uvipe Gibrid even during sleep. Many Companies are trying to dictate you the right way of how to increase your penis size, but the most important aspect that they don’t talk about is the actual efficiency of their product. Uvipe lets you share your experience with other users through demonstrating their results. Honest reviews are always welcomed at the certified website. The Uvipe Gibrid vacuum kit can be easily used under any types of clothing (your extender equipped with Uvipe Gibrid will be invisible under different kinds of underwear).

You have a guaranteed result of penile enhancement should you choose the special system! The Company offers a warranty of 12 months for all components! There is also a guarantee for the results, if during the first three months of wearing Uvipe Gibrid you do not notice any kinds of results, the Company will refund you the entire sum!