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The fastest ways for
penis enlargement

Time – appreciate it! Make the right choice for penis enlargement

Time is the most valuable thing a person has. The average life expectancy of a man is about 70 years, and sexual life is approximately 35-40 years. Why do we need these statistics? The answer lies on the surface. Penis enlargement is a lengthy process, which takes an average of 5 to 8 months, if everything is done correctly. However, some people use wrong penis enlargement extenders, or they do not use them according to instructions and they don’t achieve results, losing precious time. Of course, everyone wants to achieve an increase as quickly as possible, however, one must understand that this process is quite long and it's just that nothing can be done about it.

How much do the best penis enlargement devices cost?

Of course, the more financial opportunities you have, the better device you can purchase and quicker achieve results. In this case, money is also important. If you purchase the device for 15-20 dollars, then you will suffer for a long time, and there may not be any results. If you buy a penis extension device of the average price category – 150-200 dollars, then you will achieve the desired results in a reasonable time. However, the best devices for enlargement will cost 300-350 dollars. For this amount you are almost guaranteed to buy the best device with which you will achieve the best results. You buy a real working device and high quality

What devices have scientific research bases and are tested by our specialists?

Today, there are many different devices for penis enlargement, however, they are not all effective, more specifically – a few devices are really effective and, when used correctly, they give the desired results. The first thing we want to draw attention to is the many counterfeits that are made in the "basements of China", they have substandard and toxic components, but they have a low price. With penis enlargement there are in fact only three important aspects:


Yes, safety always comes first. During enlargement, you can get a head or a shaft injury and it's dangerous.


And of course you need to get the best possible result in a short time.


This aspect is also important. You don’t need to endure the pain while using the devices. You can make your penis bigger without having to experience any unpleasant symptoms. This is also an important aspect

All these aspects are very important, and we recommend using only branded devices of such Companies - Uvipe, Penimaster, Phallosan, Size Doctor, etc. And don’t use low-quality devices from China. This will not only withhold you from achieving your goal, but can also cause quite serious consequences for your health.

The main questions to increase
the penis in men

Could it happen that I won’t be able to increase my penis after 6 months?

If you use cheap devices, without practice, buying products on forums, trading platforms, to put it simply – homemade, then you will just waste your time in vain and also get a number of injuries while using it, as already mentioned above. In the case of using branded penis enhancement devices, everything is not so simple. There are a number of Companies, devices of which are also quite inefficient. We are talking about the devices of Companies - X4labs, Size Genetics and a number of others. These Companies are very common; however, their enlargement rates are rather modest. We test all Uvipe devices. We believe that this Company is now the leader in male penis enlargement. Official site: Second place among the companies we give to Penimaster, and the third goes to Phallosan Forte. The last two are based in Germany, which is related to a good quality of their products.

Why are pills or gels not the way to enlarge the penis as quickly as possible?

If you read somewhere that with the help of pills or gels you can enlarge the penis, then immediately close this site, because they don’t have any idea about the enlargement of anything at all. And now let’s examine the facts. It makes no sense to say that it is physiologically impossible, but let's look at it constructively. Can you, with the help of pills, enlarge any organ in general? The answer is no. Your penis won’t be naturally enhanced if you use these untested solutions. Even hormonal drugs are not capable to make something bigger in the body. It's the same with gels, oils and creams. All of them are completely ineffective, and people buy absolute dummies, while paying a lot of money.

If I am going to apply enlargement techniques 24 hours a day, will the result come faster?

It is necessary to understand that stretching is a long process, but not infinite. You don’t have to do it all the time, everything should be without excess. Strange as it may seem, the amount of time can also be different. If you go to the gym and do it all the time for 15-16 hours, will you become stronger? Of course not, and the risk of injury will increase. It's the same situation here. The maximum time that you can deal with stretching in a day is 8 hours, not any more. Again, it all depends on the device. The hanger can be used only 1 hour a day, an extender 6 hours, a stretcher 8 or more hours, because the tension of the devices is very different. The longer it takes, the less stress is on the shaft of the penis.

Is there a difference between 4 hours a day and 8 hours a day?

It all depends on the device you are using. If you using a hanger, then it is enough of 1-2 hours a day for excellent growth and together with pauses and without maximum weights. If it is an extender, then in this case 4 hours is the minimal period. The optimal time is 6-8 hours of use. The advantage of an extender is that it improves the erection. The penis gets used to the pressure and the erection will be excellent after the course. With hangers it is a slightly different situation, there are excessive penis weights and the direction of stretching is strictly down, unlike the extender, where you can change the direction of stretching. As for stretchers, then it is also recommended to use them at least 6 hours, and preferably 8 hours a day. Therefore, the time of use on the one hand is important, on the other hand it is more important what kind of device you use.

A lot of things penis enlargement, what really helps?

If you choose the right device manufacturer and the device itself, then it will certainly help you. There is no such person who wouldn’t be able to enlarge his penis. This is a natural process, like the growth of a child or breast for a woman. There can be many examples. We can say with confidence that Uvipe devices have proven themselves in the market. We test them and can assert that with proper usage you won’t have to wait long for the results. There are also a number of Companies that show good results, and you can also use the devices of: Penimaster, Phallosan Forte, LG Hanger, Silomax Stertcher

Will I be able to enlarge my penis without any devices? How long will it take to do this?

Unfortunately, penis enlargement without the use of any devices is very difficult. By using only your hands you will not be able to achieve much. You will lose a lot of time and will not get the results you need. This is not the best way to increase penis size naturally and in a short period of time. As mentioned earlier, time is an important factor during enlargement. Jelqing is warming up is used even when using devices. We recommend that you always use the jelqing technique for warming up before the procedures. Usually it takes 3-4 minutes. Then the stretching processes will be more effective. Jelqing alone cannot enlarge your penis even if you work 3 or more hours every day.

How quickly the first results of enlargement appear and how to understand when it is better to change the device?

This is a good question and there is no exact answer to it. For some, growth begins in their first week and it is noticeable. And some may have minimal growth in the first month, although customers use the same device for the same amount of time. It all depends on the physiology and on the initial size of the penis. The larger the size, the more progress you can make. In this case nature already gives somebody a certain head start. But for any rule there are exceptions, so do not lose your temper and don’t panic. Science is not able to provide all the answers, and no exact studies have been conducted in this area.

I need guarantees for size increase! Who will offer them?

Technically, if we were to tell you the absolute truth, then there is no 100% guarantee of a positive result, but do you know why? Because you can seem to know how to use the device, but still use it incorrectly. And so you will not achieve results. How can this happen? The whole problem is that in order to understand how to properly use the device, you need to understand the principle of its operation. If you understand the principle of the penis girth enhancer, then you are 100% able to achieve the desired result much faster. Our site is designed for you to find answers to any question and start your journey in the right direction. This path is not all that simple, it's thorny. There are a lot of nuances and tricks, such as stretching of the skin, bumps on the head of the penis, micro trauma to the shaft and so on. Therefore, you must be aware of all aspects and initially make the right choice. We can recommend the Uvipe MAX + system on our part. We have led more than 100 customers through this system and all customers were satisfied with the results.

Are there any downsides? What are the nuances of using the devices?

Yes, definitely. The process is rather complicated. Let's talk in order about all the nuances.


You can, in the process of enlargement, get an injury to the head of the penis - a blister that has to be pierced and the process stops. It is very bad when it happens in the middle of the course, because it knocks out the schedule and the device cannot be used any more. Therefore, we recommend choosing only devices with a special protective plaster, to protect the head surface from the vacuum. It is very important. The company uses such protective equipment.

Darkening of the skin

This is due to the fact that when using a hanger, extender or stretcher, your skin is powerfully extended, and the inside of the penis is not there. Then the whole process goes wrong. The skin stretches instead of the penis and this is very bad. Because of this, there is a darkening of the skin, and there is no elongation in the process. Everything must be proportionate. The skin should be slightly stretched, but the main load should go to the shaft of the penis. Then the growth will be proportional. Monitor this aspect, it's very important!

Extender O-ring

When using extenders, the ring or it is also called the base presses on the testicles and pubis, and this can cause discomfort and pain. Because of this, we recommend to lay either a fabric base or a silicone base. Read in our following articles how to make a silicone base correctly