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How to get a bigger penis? All facts

The most important nuances
in penis enlargement

You must not interrupt the enlargement process for more than 6 days
Don`t stop for more than 6 days

How to get a bigger penis? You have to understand that penis enlargement is a rather long process and takes from 3 to 8 months instead of one day and it cannot be interrupted. Why? Because enlargement, in other worlds, can be called a prolonged stretching. At this time, the ligaments stretch, and this stretching should not be interrupted for more than 6 days.

You must not use Chinese devices for penis enlargement without complete instructions, an appropriate brand, technical support and scientific research base

It's not a secret that there are branded clothes, such as Armani, Versace, Gucci, etc., and there are copies of them. You can buy a more expensive branded item, but its copy may be cheap. For penis enlargement, unfortunately, everything is not so unambiguous. By using Chinese cheap counterfeits you won’t be able to make penile bigger and will also get injured. The indication of the Chinese product is the lack of full instructions on its use, lack of a brand identity, quality packaging, lack of technical support and a scientific base.

You cannot use pills, creams, oils and gels

Unfortunately, all of us have the desire to take a pill or rub in something and achieve the result. However, with penis enlargement, everything is different. This process is quite complex and involves the process of tissue stretching. No pills are capable of activating the growth of any organ, including the male penis. Its shaft consists of a cavernous body, vessels and capillaries, and there is no pill that is able to influence their enlargement. With creams, gels, oils, everything is more complicated. It would seem that they are absorbed quickly and can affect the process of cells growth. However, it is not. If you want to find out how to increase penis size then forget about pills or creams. Their power of penetration is extremely small, and they can not affect the enlargement of cavernous bodies in the shaft of the penis. If you ever invent a cream that is able to increase the penis, it will cost incredible amount of money.

You don’t need to use surgical interventions

A man by his nature is a quite lazy creature. Everyone wants to achieve results as quickly as possible, especially in the case of very rich people. However, this will not work in the case of penis enlargement. It is not money that decides, but the correct choice of the device and the right approach. Surgery is not an option, it has a number of very dangerous consequences, and you will be forced to suffer for a while. Therefore, in this case, all people are equal. If you want to do it then go ahead, otherwise in any way and with the right device you can achieve results faster, safer and more efficiently. But the surgery is, unfortunately, an extremely dangerous method with a lot of side effects.

You should not use a pump for penis enlargement

There is a false statement on the Internet that pumping contributes to penis enlargement, but it does not. It works the other way around because during pumping an artificial erection is created, the blood flows to the shaft of the penis, and the cavernous bodies are filled with blood, which negatively affects their enlargement, more precisely, the enlargement does not occur. Therefore, the penis must not be pumped during the enlargement. Beware of sites that are professionally dealing with penis enlargement and are selling pumps for this particular process. The pump is only designed to restore the erectile function.

The history of penis

Not surprisingly, penis enlargement for men is a very ancient procedure. As early as the 4th century BC, middle-Asian men invented jelqing, although, according to other information, it was invented in India. Now nobody knows for sure. However, it was the jelqing that was the very first method to achieve penis growth for men of almost any age. Yet, unfortunately, the jelqing technique has one significant disadvantage. It gives a very small increase and requires a fairly large amount of time.

If we take the events in a chronological order then after jelqing the next step in increasing the penis size was hangers. The technique was put in practice by Indian yoga practitioners sometime in the 2nd century BC. This is a rather painful procedure and very traumatic, so it was used mainly by yogis. Yes, it is quite effective; however, many people were injured and deprived of sensitivity. This is why the mechanical suspenders were not very popular among the population.

In the next centuries, and even millennia, mankind did not come up with anything effective, and only at the end of the 20th century the topic of penis enlargement had a significant evolutionary leap. At this time, many penis extender devices and techniques have appeared. Some of them are of high efficiency, some are useless. We already live in the 21st century and we have a huge variety of devices to increase the penis size, but this is still an area where you need to make the right choice.

In addition to the devices, there is also surgery, which we will talk about a little later. We must immediately understand that an increase in the penis size is a long enough process, which takes an average of 6 to 8 months, and some people like it so much that they are engaged in this activity for several years. As they say – there is no limit to perfection.

The main questions to increase
the penis in men

How much can you increase the penis size?

This question is perhaps the most important. Phisiological capabilities of the body are very diverse. If we talk about bodybuilding, then some muscles grow bigger and faster, while other are growing slower. However, there is a simple formula for calculating the possible increase in size. It is able to offer an answer to your question about the maximum size. Here it is:

Initial length (with erection) *1,35% = Maximal penis length

That is, if you have an initial size of 5.9 inches or 15 centimeters, then the maximum size that you can naturally enlarge your penis to and it will not be spoiled by an erection is 7.96 inches or 20.22 centimeters and the larger the initial size, the more you can enlarge your penis.

Can I increase the penis by more than 35% of the initial size?

Yes, you can increase it, but there are two options. If you have a micropenis, then its increase often occurs for more than 35%. This is due to the fact that stretching is more effective when stretching the tissues of the micropenis.

Also, about 20% of men may increase their penis by more than 35%, however, there are some dangers. If you want to get an answer to how to enlarge your penis in a safe way then you should know this information. The fact is that the penis may increase in size, but the body can resist stretching, and because of this, the erection worsens. Imagine that you have an excellent erection with a penis length of 6 inches. You increased it to 8 inches, it's an excellent result, and the erection is not defected. But if you cross the line of 35% of the basic size, then the body can, so to speak, not withstand a larger size and possible deterioration of the erection may appear. So, do not take chances and stop at the right moment.

Is there a risk of erectile dysfunction during the usage of devises?

If you use a reliable device acquired from professionals, then there is no risk. If you buy a copy or a cheap homemade device, then there is a risk of injury and erection loss. This is a very unsafe exercise. Therefore, we recommend using a trustworthy device that can be found on the market for male penis enlargement. It is effective, safe, and tested by a lot of people.

What is the best device by today’s standards? What to buy and use in order to quickly and safely enlarge the penis?

In present, there are a number of companies that have a large variety of reliable devices. Uvipe (ultra vacuum innovation penis enlargement systems) This Company professionally deals with these issues and has a number of efficient devices for different kinds of budgets. Also, there is additional information, a very informative DVD with detailed instruction in 13 popular languages and effective technical support. We lead a number of clients who have received excellent results without pain, which is very important in our business. However, there are a number of other companies that are also engaged in the topic of penis stretching, such as Penimaster, Phallosan, X4labs, Sizegenetics, Male Age, Size Doctor, Phallogauge, Andropenis. As of today, the choice is quite large, but according to results, efficiency, safety and information, the best and most reliable company is Uvipe.

How does the width change during stretching?

This question is quite interesting and important. After all, for sex not only length is needed, volume plays an important role and when stretched it increases in proportion to the length. But if the increase is maximally possible to + 35%, then the volume uses somewhat different dynamics. Volume adds more slowly. The formula is as follows:

Initial width (with erection) *1,25% = The total width of the penis

That is, if the width of the penis is 5 inches then after the course of 4-8 months it will be about 6.25 inches. This proportion is applicable to almost any penis structure and is confirmed by many years of observation practice, including our research.

How can I improve the erection while using the enlargement devices?

During the use of extenders or stretchers, stretching of the ligaments occurs simultaneously. This is like a gym for the penis. And gradually, during the stretching, there is also a strengthening of the ligaments. This has a positive effect on erection, i.e. it improves it. However, during the use of the hanger, the reverse process occurs. If the load is higher, then the ligaments will not cope with it and the erection will get worse during the hanging cycle. This is a normal process. It is important to know your limits and correctly do all exercises based on the instructions. It is important to choose the right type of hanger and then there will be no consequences.

How to use the devices correctly when using the multifunctional system 3 in 1 - extender + hanger + stretcher?

To begin with, we recommend using the Uvipe MAX + system. We thoroughly tested it and can offer a guarantee for good results. The optimal cycle is as follows:

We start with a light massage of the penis, 2-3 minutes; it needs to be warmed up before the enlargement procedures. Then we take the hanger, in our case Uvipe Hanger, and do 2 courses for 15 minutes. We start with a weight of 3.3 lb and add every 2-3 weeks (depending on the state of health) 1 lb. The maximum weight for a natural and excellent growth is 10 lb

After using the hanger, we start working with the extender – Uvipe Pro. We use it 2-3 hours depending on the state of health. After this, a break is needed – 2-3 hours. After the break, you can use Uvipe Stretcher for about 2-3 hours.

Once a week you can take a day off.

This is the optimal scheme for maximum growth

There are cheap devices and jelqing. Do they help?

Look, life is relatively short. The period of human sexual activity in general is from 18 to 55 years, i.e. approximately 37 years. There are many people who did not increase anything, but spent a lot of their time in vain. The older you become, the more you start to appreciate time. Therefore, for the penis enlargement, you must immediately make the right choice and achieve the result, rather than doing experiments and reinventing the wheel. Ask yourself if you want a large penis right now. If you directly answer the question, then jelqing is a usual exercise that can warm up the tissues, but stretching the penis is very difficult and will take a long time. The approximate period of enlargement is about 0.2 inch for 6 months of jelqing. As for cheap options, such as Chinese Proextender or standard mechanical devices such as AndroPenis or Jes extender, these models have long been technically obsolete, and their use is painful and inefficient.