Are mechanical extenders a relic of the past? Rather yes than no

mechanical extenders

Mechanical extenders have been with us since 1991 and have already served their purpose. Thanks to them, new technologic achievements became available in the penile enlargement field. However, they are a relic of the past and vacuum technology has become really advanced. If you have a mechanical extender, then you probably know what pain and discomfort means. In case you are looking for efficient ways to enlarge your penis we suggest taking a look at Uvipe extending devices that provide an unmatched experience and are incredibly effective, helping you achieve results of 2 or 3 inches (over 5 cm), depending on your goal.

mechanical extenders

It is no secret that men have been looking for effective ways to do something about their penis size. A small penis is able to cause personal insecurities and a lack of self-confidence. This is something that can even hinder personal growth. The modern world is a very competitive environment that takes no prisoners. If you feel like a bigger penis will offer you that much needed confidence boost, then you need to start thinking seriously about this issue.

Description of mechanical extender for penis enhancement

Extender (mechanical penis extension) is a special device that is used to enhance the size of the penis. In the medical sphere, this is called "stretching the penis". The method is based on the gradual stretching of tissues, which leads to their additional growth. For a long time, various devices for stretching tissues have been used in medicine – for example, limb extension in orthopedics, skin plastic surgery – for repairing skin defects. Prolonged stretching of tissues leads to an increase in the number of cells, and the organ thus increases in size. mechanical extenders

Even though mechanical extenders are already outdated devices, the modern extenders are approved by urologists and andrologists. Would you like to know what penis extender results you can achieve with a modern extending device? With the help of this device, it is possible to increase the length of the penis by 4-5 cm in just 3-6 months, and also to increase its thickness (about 1 cm). The extender helps to correct moderate deformations of the penis. In addition, often experts recommend wearing this device after operations to increase the sexual organ.

What is a modern vacuum extender?

The Uvipe extender consists of two medal rods, three plastic caps, upper platform, 50 meters of protective patch, air exhausting pipe, plastic support with a silicone component that allows you to fix the head of the penis in the desired position. The extender is compact enough in size, it can be unnoticeably worn at any time of the day, both standing or sitting, and even while walking. One other big difference from mechanical extenders is that it can be worn even during sleep. Uvipe has a large selection of penis extenders for sale and if you are looking for quality devices, then you simply have to visit the official site for more details. All the products are manufactured with the use of high-quality materials. This is a guarantee of their safety. Only Uvipe offers an exclusive warranty. If you don’t see results during after the first three months of device usage then you will get a complete refund.

The patient can independently install and remove the device. The device is also accompanied by educational materials that offer all the needed details for its usage. Constant stretching of the penis leads to the fact that the tissues adapt to the new parameters and tissue structures, thus performing the increasing process. A penis extender device has to be tightly connected to the penis glans and the Uvipe extender has silicone caps of different sizes, which makes it possible to attach to penis heads of any size.

A modern vacuum extender is capable of replacing any other way that is used for penis enhancement. We don’t even take gels, pills or creams into consideration. These methods have proved their inefficiency long ago. Jelqing is a technique of manual enlargement which doesn’t require any additional devices, but it will take a long time to achieve some sort of result. It has to be performed daily and it is easy to damage the penis while performing it.

mechanical extenders

How to start using the extender?

Deciding for a modern penis extending device, such is the Uvipe extender will get you the results you are wishing for. If you everything according to the manual with instructions or the DVD disc with instructions, then you will avoid any problems and the device will become a completely safe tool that will get you the desired result.

At the beginning of the use of this device, the user must choose the starting point, that is, determine the length of the penis extension. This is made to avoid any feelings of discomfort in the future. The usual period for wearing an extender should be at least two hours. The adaptation period will be approximately 7 days, during this period the device should be worn about 1-2 hours once a day every day. There should not be painful and unpleasant sensations during the use of the device. Stretching the penis tissue is a gradual process. Every man would like to get an answer to the question “do penis extenders work?” and until they get a definite answer, they will be searching for new ways to enhance their penis size.

While the old mechanical extenders were not allowed to be used during sleep, the modern Uvipe technology allows you to wear them at any time during the day. The Uvipe extender can be completely hidden under any types of clothes. You can wear the device even to work and nobody will be able to notice that. This is really helpful if you have an active life style.

It is very important when using this device to take into account important factors – gradualness and consistency. The length of the penis extension should be increased gradually with the same time interval. And only constant daily usage of the extender will lead to tangible results. If from the start point the patient was able to add an extension length of 6 cm, the penis enlargement with an erection will be 2-3 cm. If your desire is to enhance penis size immediately, then we can guarantee you that you won’t be able to do it. Even if you resort to surgery, you will have to go through a lengthy process of recovery and you will get an insignificant increase as a result.

mechanical extenders

Extender application technique

In total, the patient should wear the device for about 3-8 hours (in total during the day). During the wearing of the device, the tissues not only lengthen, but their elasticity also improves. Therefore, when using the extender, there is an increase in the thickness of the penis. You can carry the device without removing it for 4-6 hours a day, or divide into 2-3 sessions for 2-3 hours. The main thing is that each set of using the extender should last at least 2 hours. You should gradually increase the load of the extender, according to the instructions which you can find in the manual or on the DVD disc. Every male extender has to come with detailed instructions because every man tends to set too much pressure on his penis while stretching it. It is necessary to focus on the individual characteristics of the patient. Older patients will need more intervals during the day. The extender should be worn downward. There shouldn’t be any discomfort or unpleasant sensations. If you experience any discomfort, you can change the position of the extender and try the one that’s most natural for you. mechanical extenders

At 4-6 months of continuous use of the extender it is possible to increase the length of the penis by 4-5 cm (in the state of erection). The increase in volume is usually about 1 cm. The results obtained remain for life. This is something every man dreams about. Even if his penis size is above average, there is still a desire to achieve better results. By using Uvipe extenders, you won’t only enhance the size of your penis, but will also get a better erection and will be able to last longer in bed. Penis curvature may be another issue that you may want to correct. Thanks to the modern vacuum technology, you will be able to strengthen your penis. You can get a proextender right now and achieve amazing results together with it. As you can see, there are only positive moments.

While the mechanical extenders have been around for a long time and have shown pretty decent result, it is time to move to something that’s even more effective. Mechanical extenders can cause pain and discomfort. They could also be responsible for damaging the blood flow to the penis, thus making it harder to get an erection, but this is already all in the past. The Uvipe specialist have made sure to provide the most comfortable and efficient experience for every man.