Are All Vacuum Devices Similar? What Should You Know?

vacuum devices

The penis enlargement devices or vacuum devices market is full of different options and it may be hard to navigate through all this variety. It is time to look at the most popular Companies and their top selling devices. We will try to compare their pros and cons. At this day and age the penis vacuum equipment has evolved and the competition for the best extender on the market has received a big boost. It has become important to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the best reviewed devices and based on this data identify the winner.

vacuum devices

PeniMaster Pro Complete Set

This is an extender of the last generation. The vacuum chamber separates the head from the vacuum by the membrane and creates a physiologically correct fixation of the penis, allowing the penis to get longer. This vacuum stretcher works well for men of any age. It does not matter whether the penis is circumcised or uncircumcised.

Because of lack of comfort, older strap models are not very popular. They could not be rigidly attached, and sometimes pinched or injured the penis. The shaft was under a lot of pressure and it limited the flow of blood to the glans. This all led to the termination of the application of these extenders and in order to achieve a good result, it was necessary to use the extending device for a minimum of 5 hours per day. Given the shortcomings of previous generations of extenders, the PeniMaster PRO device was developed. Its attachment does not clamp the shaft of the penis, providing the correct blood flow. Rigid parts do not contact the genital organ, for this purpose special latex models are intended. This ensures comfortable wearing of the device for 6-8 hours.  

What is the expected result of PeniMaster Pro Complete Set?

Using PeniMaster Pro Complete Set, you get:
  • A painless increase in the length of the penis at home for about 2 inches or 3-4 cm. You won’t need to resort to radical surgical methods.
  • Due to stretching and growth of tissues, the thickness of the penis increases by 1 cm.
  • The unique extender of the new generation is suitable for all ages. Surprise your partner with new sensations; create a harmony and an ideal mood in a sexual life.
vacuum devicesPeniMaster PRO has a number of advantages:
  • It is easy to clean;
  • Easy to attach;
  • Does not squeeze the head;
  • Works for men of any age with any form of penis;Can I sleep with an extender?
  If you don’t have enough free time during the day, then the extender can also be used during your sleep. However, do not do this in the first months of use, before putting on an extender for the night, there must be a great experience of trouble-free wearing at the day time. For night application it is better to get the Uvipe vacuum extender which provides everything necessary for a safe sleep. It was thoroughly tested and provides great results even during the night. You won’t have to worry about any single thing. Safety always comes first. This is why the Uvipe devices have been designed in a way that offers only benefits during the usage of the device.   PhalloSan PhalloSan Forte Penis Extender consists from the following parts: foam loop, white elastic belt, suction belt, condom sleeve, mini vacuum plunger, mating hooks and baby powder. This extender uses vacuum technology to extend the penis size. However, not every Company knows exactly how to increase your penis size in the most efficient manner. The extension provided by this device represents around 3 cm.  

vacuum devicesThe main pros of this device:

  • The main advantage is the comfortable usage of PhalloSan during the day. It won’t cause any irritations or unpleasant symptoms.
  • The stretch process offers much more flexibility because it doesn’t work like the rod-based penile enhancement devices. You can wear it during the day in a side position and it will be less noticeable.
  • All the components are executed well and they look good. The stretching belt and foam loop are predominantly well executed.
  • Another big advantage is that the user is able to easily regulate the pressure in the belt by changing the settings on the buckle of the elastic strap. You may introduce the necessary adjustment even while you are wearing the device.

Main disadvantages of this device:

  • The price of the device doesn’t allow everybody to get it;
  • One of the biggest downsides is that is that its price is above $300 and there is also $25 shipping fee.
  • Another disadvantage is that the additional silicone sleeves have to be purchased separately and they are not very cheap together with the shipping fee.
  • Spare caps for protection will have to be purchased separately and you will have to pay again for the shipping, around $12.
In case you want to use PhalloSan as your extending device, you will have to invest quite a lot and not everybody is ready for that. If we don’t take the cost into consideration, it is worth noting that there are also negative reviews from the users. Not everybody is having a great experience thus far.  


This penile extender is a vacuum device that can be also adapted and utilized in the quality of a penis vacuum weight hanger. This vacuum head piece is also used during the surgical intervention for penis enhancement, making it the device that is recommended during plalloplasty. The components of this extender are made of high-quality materials which allow the device to be used for a long time and by men of any age. It is still important to point out that natural male enhancement techniques do not include surgical interventions. Such an operation will not increase your penis size really noticeably and you will have to go through a long process of recovery.  You won’t have to be bothered by spare parts. A majority of penis enhancement devices require purchasing many spare parts, like is the case with PeniMaster Pro, and the Phallosan extender. Their components are wearing out quite easily and this leads to unwanted investments.  The major advantage of this device is that it can be worn under any type of clothing and it doesn’t provoke any discomfort. The downside is that not all results are really good. Compared to other top penis extenders, Size Doctor is only able to boost the size of your penis for 2 or 3 cm at best. You can also use it as a vacuum hanger, which can be classified as an advantage.  


Last, but no least is the products created by Uvipe specialists. The quality of these products has been proven many times and among the aforementioned companies, it provides the most excellent results for penis enhancement. Even though every company has its numerous pros and cons, Uvipe is known exclusively for its pros. In case you are still asking yourself “does male enhancement really work”, then the answer is pretty clear, if you have the necessary means to achieve a top result. A big pro for the Uvipe vacuum extender is that it offers silicone caps of different sizes. Thanks to that option, it becomes possible to attach the device to any penis size. This is really important, as it offers a more comfortable and effective experience. Another important aspect of the Uvipe extenders is that they can be worn during any time of the day, even during sleep. You won’t feel bothered by the device at home or during work. It will be completely unnoticed by others. The price of the product is also very competitive and you can explore the whole selection of enlargement devices on the official website.

vacuum devicesThe most significant aspect is of course the length that can be achieved from using the Uvipe extender. Of course, a lot depends on the initial penis size, but many users of this device may reach to result of + 3 inches in about 5 to 6 months. Find out about the best penis enlargement method together with Uvipe technology. There will be no pain or discomfort during the application of the device.

The warranty for the Uvipe products is almost an exceptional factor. The Company offers a 3 month warranty for its enlargement devices and if you don’t see any progress throughout the first 3 months of usage, then you will be refunded the whole price of the product.

The Uvipe vacuum extending device has shown the best results and its reliability and durability are pretty high as well. Every element is intended to function for more than a thousand hours. For other devices it is harder to compete against this product also because the price range differs as well. You won’t have to pay crazy amounts of money to get a device that really does its job well. It is perfect for men of any age and will fit any penis size.